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Full Day Entry

General Public $16
Military * $11

* Military ID required. Maximum 2 adults and 2 children per ID card.

Paintball Package Deals

We offer 3 paintball package deals. Choose the package that fits you, or you can also find individual item pricing listed below the package deals.

All packages come with entry fee, rental equipment, and paint.

Package 1

This is a 2 hour private paintball or splatball party (minimum 8 players)

1 Rental package per player

250 mid-grade paintballs per player

4 full games of paintball or splatball

1 Gladiator Paintball Park T-shirt for the birthday boy/girl

Per player: $32.00 (includes tax)

Minimum of 8 players.
No coupons or promotions with this package.

Package 2

All day entry to park

1 Rental package

500 mid-grade paintballs

Compressed air for 500 paintballs

Per player: $45.95 (+tax) per player

Package 3

All day entry to park

Rental package with all day air

1000 mid-grade paintballs

Per player: $64.95 (+tax)

Minimum age requirement for participation: Paintball 10+ years - Splatball 8+ years

Cancellation policy

Due to scheduling and equipment availability, once you make reservations for a rental package there will be no refund for the rental upon cancellation unless it is 30 days prior to your event date. This applies to both package deals and individual item rentals.

A La Carte Pricing

Rental Package

Rental Package $15

Includes: 1 paintball gun, 1 hopper, 1 mask, 4 paintball pods, 1 belt, 1 compressed air tank

Field Paint Prices

Mid-grade 2000 ct. $44.95
Mid-grade 1000 ct. $24.95
Mid-grade 500 ct. $14.95
High-grade 2000 ct. $61.99
High-grade 1000 ct. $34.99
High-grade 500 ct. $19.99

Individual Rental Items

Marker/gun $10
All day misc. rental items $5 each

Compressed air tank
Vest/Chest protector
Pod Belt with pods
Remote line
Knee pads
Elbow pads

Air Fills

CO2 fills (9 oz) $3
CO2 fills (12 oz) $4
CO2 fills (20 oz) $6
Compressed air $6 / fill
All day unlimited compressed air $9

Snack Bar

Try some of our highly non nutritious non-organic frozen microwavable food! Hey, its a snack bar, what more could you want?

Available: hot dogs, Hot pockets, burritos, pizzas, corn dogs, pop corn, candy, sodas, water, tea, powerade, energy drinks, and more, oh my!

Or, place an order for Papa John's pizza, delivered, at the Gladiator special price of 1/2 off!


Gladiator Park will gladly take photos of you and/or your group while you are playing your games. A CD of the photos will be given to you at the end of your day.

First CD $40
Each additional copy $5

Must order at time of reservation. Please add CD order in the Notes section of your reservation if making a reservation online.