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Minimum age 5 years old, minimum 8 players.

Price $25.00 per player

For parties of 10 or more, the Birthday boy/girl will receive a new Nerf Blaster by Hasbro, as a gift from Gladiator Park!

Party Times 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm

Your private party Includes:


Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your play time, for check-in and to set up your party area. Play 1 hour of unlimited Nerf Wars with genuine Nerf Blasters on our Minions & Minecraft themed field. The field is supervised by one of our friendly Gladiator team members while you blast away the other team!

Dash from one of the 8 walls to Minions & Minecraft themed obstacles or hideout in the Camo netted telephone booth at the center of the field. Anyway you play it, you’ll have a great time at Gladiator’s Brand new Nerf Field! After an adrenaline filled hour of fun, your group will move to the party area.

This area has 2 picnic tables (for larger parties, we can add more tables to your area) and is yours to use for an hour. Feel free to decorate the area, bring birthday cake and/or snacks to celebrate this special day.

Nerf Blasters available for your party

Rival Blaster in Blue Rival Blaster in Red

Gladiator Park has both red and blue Rival Nerf Blasters by Hasbro. These blasters shoot round yellow Nerf balls at a faster speed. They tend to hit harder than the traditional foam darts. The Nerf balls are held in a magazine located in the hand grip. You cock it by pulling back the small black lever on top of the blaster. Shoots 1 ball at a time at up to 80 feet per second.

Strongarm Blaster Zombie Strike Blaster

The Nerf STRONGARM Blaster and the Nerf ZOMBIE STRIKE Blasters, both have a rotating cylinder to hold your Nerf darts. Simple to use. Just pull the trigger! These blasters use the foam Nerf darts and shoot softer than the Rival, described above. No need to decide what to use right now. When you show up at the park, take a look, try them out, and decide then.