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What is Paintball?

Glad you asked! Paintball is a military type war game which is played with Paintball guns, which are called "Markers". They shoot balls made of gelatin and colored soap. When the ball hits something or someone, it breaks.

There are many types of games which are played within this sport. One of the most popular is capture the flag. Two teams start at opposite ends of the field. They each have a flag on their own side of the field. The object is to make it to the enemy side, retrieve their flag, and get back to your home without getting shot. Sound fun? It is!

When you get hit, by a paintball, it may sting a little. Trying not to get hit is the name of the game. Many people consider getting shot at, to be the adrenaline rush part of the game. You can also wear thicker or layered clothing, to cushion the hit. Wear good supportive shoes or boots. You are running for your life! You don't want to twist an ankle or stub a toe.

The games last about 15 minutes, and then you switch sides.

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