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Freedom Field

Freedom Field is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to improve the activity level and mental state of disabled persons by making paintball assessable to disabled veterans and Special Olympic athletes. We further our purposes under this program by conducting the following activities:

Paintball helps to enhance mental and physical abilities due to the team work and decision making skills learned on the field of play. Currently there is no access, in the country, for disabled Veterans to participate in this sport. It is our goal to offer, disabled persons in our community, the opportunity to do so. We will be providing the venue, equipment, and training for disabled persons, at no cost to the participant, enabling them to participate in a sport which helps enhance awareness, socialization, teamwork, and confidence. We will provide specially outfitted wheelchairs to assist players if needed. Each player will be assisted by an employee or volunteer of the Freedom Field as needed.

We will also be serving athletes belonging to Special Olympics, as well as hosting special Olympic Games at no charge. We will be contacting other paintball fields, encouraging them to sponsor a Special Olympic paintball team to compete in our local Special Olympic games. A long term goal of our is to introduce Paintball into the special Olympics nationwide.

Freedom Field will not charge individuals or organizations to use the facility. We will provide the Paintball equipment, paintballs, training, and supervision free of charge. Our emphasis will be on disabled veterans and Special Olympic athletes.

Most of the background work will be done by the officers and directors. Events on the field will be conducted by the Officers, Directors, and volunteers. If needed, we would eventually hire an employee or two. This program will commence in January 2018 and will consume 100% of the organization’s time. Freedom Field will be open to disabled individuals as well as organizations with disabled members who desire to play Paintball. B and A Paintball will donate land usage and equipment for use by Freedom field players. We expect to receive donations and grants from various disabled veterans related organizations. We will also hold fundraising events as needed. The program’s activities will be conducted at Camp San Luis Obispo Army National Guard Base, located at 10 Sonoma Ave., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405. Through the successful execution of our program, we further our charitable purposes.