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Cartel Wars


Friday, July 24th through Sunday July 26th



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Hello and Welcome to Cartel Wars.

The Park will be open on Friday for early campers.
Early Check-In is from noon to 8pm Friday the 24th.
Please feel free to camp on the speedball field or parking lot.

First 100 players to register will received a Cartel Wars Patch.


We welcome all barbecues
Gas grills are allowed on the speedball field
Charcoal anywhere in the parking lot.
Please practice safety at all times.

Raffle prizes on Saturday
Everyone that registers gets 1 raffle ticket
Saturday at lunch - 1st Raffle
Saturday dinner time - 2nd Raffle


This year we will have sweatshirts, caps and patches for sale.


08:00 am: Registration, pick up ammo, air up & chrono
09:30 am: Event safety and game briefing
10:00 am: Be on the field & game on
11:15 am: 30 minute break to air up, get ammo, switch sides
11:45 am: Be on the field & game on
01:00 pm: 1 hour break
02:00 pm: Be on field two and game on
03:15 pm: 30 minute break to air up, get ammo, switch sides
03:45 pm: Be on the field & game on
05:00 pm: End of day

Relax! Enjoy the music and bonfire.
Open mic, bring an instrument or tell some jokes

09:00 am: Air up, chromo, load up
10:00 am: Be on the field & game on
11:15 am: 45 minute break to air up, get ammo, switch fields
12:00 pm: Be on field two and game on
01:00 pm: Cease fire game ends


$75 reg fee, plus any add-ons selected during the registration process.


By signing the field’s waiver, you are also consenting to these rules as stated by Cartel Wars event staff. We, as producers, expect all players to maintain good personal conduct, proper sportsmanship and abide by event rules. We reserve the right to act in the interest of player safety and promote the enjoyment of the game experience. We reserve the right to eject players that violate these rules. Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct, cheating, or violation of park rules will be subject to suspension from play or ejection, at the discretion of game producers and/or Gladiator Paintball Park staff


MagFed Only. Conventional industry, detachable magazines allowed.
No limit on ammo or rate of fire.
Stock class, tube-fed not allowed. Hoppers & Tac Caps not allowed.
Internal mag-fed allowed in only specific cases (Dukie DSG, Longbow mags).
Tube fed only allowed in specific cases (Hammer 7 “Bodi Builds,” Longbow mags, Arrowguns),
Breach-loaded allowed (CCM SR1).

Under-mount launchers (e.g.-M203) may be used to shoot smoke bombs and grenades

All players must sign and submit a field waiver at check in on Saturday

You will be issued a player card, you need this at all times to insure proper access to the field.

Players will have red or blue tape issued to them that they will have to wear at all times on BOTH arms. Not just on their plate carrier, no exceptions.

Players must have air tanks that are within active hydro tested dates. Expired air tanks are dangerous and not allowed (2” diameter tanks or less do not apply)

Box/Drum Magazines allowed (Rap4 Box Mag, Dye Box Rotor, MILSIG Tempest Drum, ADN)
No Pods allowed on the field, box mag users may load another box mag or regular mag, but may not load their box in the field of play. Players may carry multiple box mags.

Any player caught violating this will be issued a warning and a nominal penalty to his/her respective team, at the discretion of Game Control

Pods to be left at the CP or rest areas


Field limit: 280 FPS

All players must chronograph in the morning once you have checked in. You will also have to chronograph your marker in the afternoon to adjust for change in temperature. All players must chrono any marker (primary or secondary, REGARDLESS of projectile caliber) when they events the field prior to morning, afternoon and night sessions of play.

Players caught shooting above the field limit will be issued infractions and suspension from play and may be subject for ejection without refund if caught at exceedingly dangerous settings. Two chrono infractions will result in removal from the game without refund.

First Strike Rounds allowed. If you are using First Strike Rounds, you must chrono with FSR and will need an FSR-specific punch on your player card for morning, afternoon and night sessions of play. No bunkering allowed with FSRs; minimum engagement of 30 feet (10 yards).

Riot shields will be allowed. Shields must not exceed dimensions of 48”x 24.” Blind-firing while using shields is not permitted; players must peek out from shield when shooting and may not use the shield as a visible barrier to blind-fire from (e.g. only exposing their marker outside the side of the shield). Players may drop the shields to the ground when eliminated or return to spawn with them. Riot shield users must be armed with a pistol and no other primary weapon.

Masks must be ATSM approved; no mesh masks and goggle combos are allowed on this field.

Players must wear visible, team-specific colored tape on BOTH ARMS.

Marker Hits: Marker hits do not count. If a marker is holstered or slung and not in primary operation then a gun hit will eliminate that player. (e.g. if shot in the holstered pistol, player is eliminated).

Blind Fire: No blind firing is allowed. You must always place the marker at your line of sight when engaging a target. (e.g. you may not raise your marker over a cover position and fire over it).

Mouse-holing: You may not in any circumstance place your barrel through a hole (of approximately the circumference of your arm) and fire on a target. You may stand behind the hole and fire toward it, with the tip of your barrel no closer than 1’ from the hole. If mouseholed or blind fired upon, the ref may take any of the 3 actions:

Surrender Rule: You may offer a courtesy surrender call when within 10 feet of a player. This is recommended when approaching a player from behind. If facing an opposing player, they will likely not to surrender.

Dead-man walks will not be allowed. Players must not pretend to be eliminated while walking through the field.

Contact: Soft contact is allowed to “tap” a player out. That includes a pat on the body of the opposing player, or a soft barrel or rubber prop tap. Hard taps with barrels, or any other hard object will earn you an infraction. If tapped by a player, you must surrender and walk off the field. If you turn around and shoot that player, you will be marked with an infraction.

INFRACTIONS: Two infractions will sit you out for the day and you will not get a refund for your ticket.

Physical contact, fighting and aggressive interpersonal behavior will not be tolerated. The game producers and Gladiator Paintball Park reserve the right to eject players for detrimental conduct and those ejected will not be entitled to a refund.


Shooting over safety netting will result immediate ejection without refund. Shooting directly into Command Posts will result in immediate ejection without refund. Players may take off their masks inside Command Posts and must leave their markers outside.

Please do not shoot media personnel. If I hear from Media that you are shooting them on purpose will result in sitting out for the rest of the game.


Field Paint Only. Valken paint and field color First Strike Rounds will be available for purchase.

There is a no tolerance policy in place regarding non event paint/FSR.

Friday and Saturday Night Games are open class and just for fun for people who would like to play.

Grenade Policy

Grenades and Smoke bombs will be available. If a fire starts gameplay will stop and no advancing by teams.


Respawn at Command Post. When eliminated, players must RAISE THEIR HANDS/MARKERS and walk towards their dedicated Command Post. Players must wipe old hits off when respawning. Respawning from Command Posts (CPs) any time you want except the last 10 minutes of play


There will be props (marijuana and cocaine and other items) Only pick the ones with your team color or name

Ghillie suits, capes, ponchos, robes, etc. BOUNCES COUNT.

Book ASAP! Limited space.

Make a Reservation Sign the Waiver